Risotto ~ Reisgerichte

105 Risotto al Profumo di Mare3

    • 9.50

with seafood, B, Scampi, mussels, Garlic in a fine Lobster crab sauce3, I, Ac, C, F, G, J, B

106 Risotto Milanese

    • 8.00

with ham *, 2, 3, 6 and mushrooms in a cream sauce

107 Risotto dello Chef

    • 9.00

with turkey and Mushrooms in cream sauce3, I, Ac, C, F, G, J

108 Risotto ai Scampi

    • 10.50

with scampi on tomato sauce 3, I, Ac, C, F, G, J

1Coloring2Preservatives3 Flavor enhancers4Sweeteners5Can have a laxative effect if consumed to excess6Antioxidants7With phosphate8Containing caffeine9 Contains quinine10 Blackened11With nitrite curing salt sauces partly with phosphate, benzoic acid and sorbic acid / * Ham is formed meat shoulder hamA Cereals containing glutenAa WheatAc BarleyAfKamut or hybrid strains thereofB CrustaceansC EggsDFishEPeanutsF Soy / beansGMilk and milk products (including lactose)H NutsICeleryJMustardKSesame seedsL Sulfur oxide and sulfites in a concentration of more than 10mg / kg - 10mg / lM LupineNMolluscs